Exclusive licensing and product
distribution across the Middle East.
Introducing exclusive international product lines
to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"Best is better"

Rodana's passion and uncompromising commitment to excellence is something that our dedicated workforce employs to create and sustain business innovation and customer support in several key retail areas, such as, but not limited to:


Through an uncompromising commitment to excellence, a dedicated workforce, and an adaptation of leading services, Rodana delivers quality, innovation, consumer focused products and services.

Spa & Beauty
Rodana's unique placement and understanding of our geographic markets enables us to assist quality brands and other partners to optimize the opportunities arising from the ongoing development of the Beauty and spa business in our emerging markets.
For the Life style & Hospitality, we are committed to provide exclusive products and accessories for luxury Hotels, Spas, Resort, Retail and Boutiques, and niche department stores in the the KSA and GCC.
We have worked with leading hospitality clients, to offer the widest variety of Amenities available and working closely with them to achieve a flexible Approach to their requirements.

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